Episode 2: Tim Kask and the D&D Supplements

When Timothy J. Kask became the first salaried employee of TSR in 1975, his first assignment was to take Dave Arneson’s “basket of notes” and turn them into the second official supplement to the original Dungeons & Dragons game, Blackmoor. From that time until well into his run as founding editor of The Dragon magazine, Tim Kask worked both sides of the fence at TSR — editing and running the TSR Periodicals division, while at the same time editing and contributing to various game products, including the D&D supplements. Tim also working closely with Gary Gygax as he wrote and assembled the first three AD&D core books, earning him the nickname “the mid-wife of AD&D.”

Tonight We’re going to focus on something a little bit unusual: the primary sources of inspiration in D&D and AD&D that DO NOT appear in the Appendix N listings in the Dungeon Master’s Guide. This list includes comic books, then-current TV shows and movies, and many other surprising items. And Tim Kask knows what those were, because he was there at the time.

Works and influences discussed on this show:

Original D&D Supplements

Kung Fu (TV series 1972-75)

Boot Hill RPG

Doctor Strange (Marvel Comics)

Aquaman (DC Comics)

Hong Kong Chinosaurs

Saturday Night Live (Landshark sketch)

2 Responses to “Episode 2: Tim Kask and the D&D Supplements”

  1. Thanks, great interview!


    Yes, BROADSWORD is Tull.

  2. I still wonder if Arneson was influenced by the Kane stories by Karl Edward Wagner.

    From the Egg of Coot seeming a lot like Bloodstone to me…to the island kingdoms and alien underwater civilization of Darkness Weaves.


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