Episode 6: Luke Crane and Mouse Guard RPG

Tonight’s guest is game designer Luke Crane — most famously noted for his acclaimed roleplaying system The Burning Wheel, which he later adapted into a questionably even more popular game called Mouse Guard RPG.

Based on the Eisner Award-winning comic book series of the same name, Mouse Guard RPG does far more than simply allow GMs and players to have adventures in the Mouse Guard universe. Mouse Guard features a near-perfect match between licensed setting and consensual storytelling game mechanics. Tonight, we’ll talk to Luke about the challenges of adapting a licensed property like Mouse Guard, and the joys of squaring the circle by creating a roleplaying game inspired by a comic book that was in turn inspired by role playing games.

Works and influences discussed on this show:

Mouse Guard RPG

Mouse Guard Comic by David Petersen

The Burning Wheel RPG

Burning Empires RPG

The American Boy’s Handibook

Mouse Guard Ballad

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