Jim_PA_wizardJim Wampler is the creator of the Marvin the Mage comic and is a game writer, designer, and artist. Jim’s art and articles first appeared in Tim Kask’s Adventure Gaming magazine and Judges Guild’s Pegasus magazine in the 1980s. In 2006 he formed Mudpuppy Games and published Metamorphosis Alpha 4th edition, and wrote and illustrated the GALACTA•3 science fiction miniatures game. More recently, Jim has contributed cover art and comics to the Knights of the Dinner Table magazine, and is a writer and editor for Goodman Games. His favorite character to play is a post-apocalyptic wizard armed with spells and a Mark IV blaster rifle.

Jim also comprises 33.33% of the DMigos, who co-host the popular old school gaming podcast Save or Die!, and is a former host of the Spellburn podcast.